Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn and Sparkling Girls

This week the new Twilight movie opened in Grenada.  I know, exciting!  Seriously though, I know these movies can be lame, the books poorly written, the mushiness extremely cheesy...but I love it, I love it all! I love acting like I am 15, laughing at inappropriate moments, screaming at chiseled abs and swooning over a sparkly, old fashioned vampire.  So a bunch of the SOs (Significant Others) went to see the movie tonight  as it was buy one get one free.  However, just before we left for the movie I had a burst of inspiration and wanted to go all out and make signs...with lots of glitter.  And then as I was getting ready I saw my glittery t-shirt.  And as I put on my make-up I saw

my old pink glittery eye shadow.  So basically I showed up doused in glitter, with signs in hand, ready to be titillated by a good ole headboard breaking scene, and the movie did not disappoint.  The movie was as silly as ever, and yet I still clung to my chair when Bella collapsed (I can be a little dramatic).  And lets not forget the beautiful ladies who came with me, who dared to hold up my home made signs, pat on a bit of my glitter, and, in the case of Michelle, give a shout-out to Jacob as he rips of his shirt in the first scene.  Thanks as always ladies for a fun filled night!  And thank you Twilight to living up to expectations.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gobble, Gobble

We had Thanksgiving with our Grenadian family this sunday, 30 people somehow squished into our apartment, and I loved it.  The women especially are fabulous.  They make everyday a little brighter and every adventure more fun.  From these women I learn so much, mostly how to be a better friend.  I love them and was so grateful to spend a Thanksgiving evening with them.  This isn't to discount their fantastic husbands, our band of men who were women-less, and our replacement parents the Bushes.  Everyone contributed excellent dishes and Stephanie made a succulent turkey.  Despite the fact that there was only room to sit and no room to walk around, the evening was perfect, only made better by a group game at the end and some stomp practice (don't ask).  Anyway, thank you to everyone who made it wonderful.  I love you all!

An homage to the fact that Emily's eyes are never open!

Fabulous chocolate turkeys made by Sara just for the kiddies.

My favorites!


For Thanksgiving this year it was just the three of us.  My fabulous friends joined me in the morning to watch the parade and teach me pie baking skills, and then I spent the rest of the day making my first Thanksgiving dinner.  Because of cost, we did a turkey roast in the crock pot, and it turned out great.  And I loved making all of the other dishes and spending my day in the kitchen.  A lot went awry, like Jackson dumping the garlic powder all over his bed, or the rolls refusing to rise, but sitting down with just the three of us at dinner and realizing all we have to be thankful for made it my favorite Thanksgiving ever.

The fabulous Peaches and Cream Pie Amber taught me to make.  Loved it!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Merry Anniversary: Anniversary Part II

Our real anniversary was on Sunday, so after church we wanted to enjoy the day with Jackson and Dustin wanted to put his previous cooking plans into action.  We used the day to decorate for Christmas, set up the Christmas tree, and eat a delicious dinner prepared by Jackson and Dustin.

Boy in a box. I love his crazy faces.

Our very homemade star. But he was so excited to place it on the tree.

Steak with an amazing marinade and sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, fried plantains, and avocado.

Happy Anniversary!

My 7 year anniversary with Dustin this year was very surprising. And not just because of the sweet things he did for me, but because I had literally forgotten about it, and special occasions are something I just don't forget.

The Friday before our anniversary Dustin Skyped me asking if he could have the car on Saturday.  I told him I had enrichment to attend, plus a lot of work, and I probably continued to babble about all of the things I needed to accomplish.  He then said that he had wanted to take me on a surprise date.  So we tried to make it work for that night, although I hadn't showered, had been working all day, and the house was its ordinary i'm-too-busy-to-clean mess.  I wrote to some of my friends about how sweet it was of my husband to plan a date, relating how unusual it is for him to plan anything.  Dustin came home, running circles around me, buying special groceries and arranging babysitting.  Finally I asked, "What made you want to do such a special date tonight?" And that is when he sputtered, "It's our anniversary!"

So....he was planning this romantic cook out on the beach and with some swimming (or for some of my more discerning friends, probably some water polo).  But being so sweet, he changed the plans for me to just a nice dinner at a restaurant and a movie.  I sound so lame, but I was exhausted from the week of work, and Jackson, and attempted cleaning, and I just wanted some simple time with Dustin.  We went to see The Help with lots of popcorn and candy, ate a late dinner at Umbrellas, and took a long stroll along the beach.  Real date nights happen so rarely lately that just being with each other away from the house was wonderful.

Dustin is the most amazing father, friend, member of our church, student, and any other thing you can think of.  But what he is best at is being a husband.  He laughs at my jokes and makes me laugh.  He can get into a fiery political conversation with me and then discuss scriptures.  He always makes me feel beautiful and smart and he drives me wild when he uses medical terminology :)  He is my best friend and the best companion and I can't wait to spend the next  7 years and beyond with him.  I love you Dustin.  And just remember...I chose you!  So never forget how lucky you are :)