Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well we have decided to go another direction in our deisres for a family and it is that of adoption. We couldn't be more thrilled. We recently went to an adoption training class, which is really more of an informative class about adoption, and we fell even more in love with the idea than we had before. It really taught us that the child or children that are meant for our family are out there. That through the bravery and faith of a birthmother, we can have the eternal family that was meant for us. I am at a point now where I could care less if I have my own children or if Heavenly Father wants me to adopt them all, either way they will be born from my heart.
We are still in the certification process but in a month or so we should be able to post our profile on the LDS Family Services web site for potential birth mothers. So far, even though we are not even certified yet, this has been a wonderful expereince. It is teaching me patience, as we must wait to be choosen by a birth mother, faith, I have to have faith that their is a child out there meant by Heavenly Father for me and Dustin, and love, love for all of those who help us with this process, love for all those who make the courageous decision to give up thier children for adoption so that the child can be part of an eternal family, love for my sweet husband who walked through a rain storm to get a check to the court because he said he would do anything for us to receive a child, and love for this amazing gospel that lets us know there is a plan for everyone and that Heavenly Father knows us each individually.
Once we get certified, and I guess even now, we will need everyone's help in getting the word out. You never know how the connection will come along that will bring us the child meant for our family. Please pray for us (as if we haven't asked for your prayers enough this year) and fell free to write and ask any questions. I love adoption and it is about all I ever talk about right now. We love you all!