Monday, July 16, 2012

A Moment

I need to take a moment to share a bit of the many things I love about Jackson.  He is 3 and a half now, and he grows in leaps and bounds everyday.  My favorite thing about him right now is how he speaks.  Whenever he gets hurt or frustrated, he whispers, "Oh, shoot".  He says things like, " I am so exciting" when he is excited about something.  He can't stop talking about the fact that he is big enough to go on all the rides at Disney Land, even waking up in the night to ask us if he is still big enough.  He tells everyone he meets that he has a dog named Valley Girl (Valentine) and a Grandma.  He eats, breathes, and sleeps cars.  After watching a preview for Ice Age, he repeats the saying, "Holy Crab" all the time, incredibly loudly.  He likes to tell us that he is hilarious.  He also tells us that he is the best at everything he does, like flipping off couches, jumping over cracks, swimming across the pool, doing karate poses, and being a good listener (which is debatable).

This summer Jackson has become an excellent swimmer.  He would love to be in the pool all day long. He is very opinionated, and this now extends to his clothing.  He won't currently wear his brown Toms because they are boring.  He will refuse to go to church, but then run into his Sunbeam teacher's arms for a big hug.  He loves his friend Luke, so much that he often cries when he leaves, even though they pick on each other when they hang out.  He loves his dad.  A lot.  And he screams and runs to him whenever dad comes home.  This summer they have had the chance to go on morning runs or swims or bike rides together before Dustin goes to study, and I know theses times are dear to both of their hearts.

Jackson is a huge sweetheart.  If I am home sick, he runs to my bedroom to see if I am feeling better.  He will say he is so sorry as soon as he can see I am upset about something.  He loves hugs and kisses. He negotiates the number of books we have to read him at night, and then the snuggle time.  He will share any bite, or his favorite gum, or a sip of his juice.  If he asks you to build something with him, go swimming with him, or toss the ball around, and you say yes, he will tell you that you have made him so happy.

I love this little 3 year old.  He makes me happy.  I know he makes his daddy happy.  We love you Jackson.