Sunday, June 15, 2008


So I have definitely been out of the blogging world for a while because life has been crazy...but then again, whose isn't? Today, however, I realized that I had news that couldn't wait. As of yesterday around 8pm EST I became an aunt to a beautiful nephew. My sister is my new hero as she did this in a state far from home, with a doctor she barely new, without her parents right by, an apparently with very little help from the coveted meds. His name is Boston Daniel McIntyre and I adore him already. He was born 6 lbs. 14 oz and 20 long. Emylee is doing great and the grandparents are ecstatic. So this news has inspired me to catch up with other very important things that have been going on as well. Dustin graduated on May 9th with a degree in Bio Chemistry and Taylor graduated high school the end of May. We were recently certified to be able to adopt but I have yet to finish our profile (quite frankly it scares me to death to have to sum up me and Dustin and make us look amazing yet real in three pictures and a few paragraphs). Penny, our puppy, is the current love of our life and we almost had to give her a $1,000 surgery. Luckily she is okay without it but it gave us a scare (for money reasons as well as emotional). She is quirky and hyper and loves the fake bacon treats. She has learned to sit, lay down, and go through a card board tunnel. We love to snuggle with her and play with her.
So that is us in a nut shell and here are some pics! I will follow up better through the summer.

Dust and his mom Julie

Dust and his dad Tim

The crew: uncle Brian, Grandma and Grandpa Durham, Will (my daddy-o), Tim (Dustin's pop),
Jennie-Lou (Dustin's Grandma), Danielle (Dustin's sister and pregnant belly),
Julie, Dustin, me and Kathy (my mamma).

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty.

Letters hand designed by Lyndzee

T-Bone's graduation!

T-Bone and Sis in Law Jamie