Monday, September 28, 2009

My Own Personal Fan Club

Every time I go to pick Jackson up from his crib, whether it is after a nap or after some playtime, he claps. At first this was only occassionally as he learned to clap, but now, even if he has been crying or on his belly, when I lean over the crib he flips on to his back and applauds. I have had a wonderful day today and I attribute it to being applauded several times accompanied by big smiles and hugs. Jackson may not be able to say thank you yet but his little hands give me all I need to keep going. I love my little bug!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I miss...

I miss Costco and Target, pizzas that aren't thin crusted, using a lot of A/C, Jackson sleeping in his own room, buying disposable diapers without feeling financially guilty, the public library system, a couch I can snuggle on that isn't outdoor furniture, gas stations with treat drinks, inexpensive Diet Coke, carpet that I can vacuum instead of sweep, dry heat, a full size refrigerator, a drier, a bathtub, 110 electrical outlets, electrical oven and stove, drive-thru anything, cheap fruit, Ice Tango, being able to dispose of poop properly, driving on the "right" side of the road, the Temple, Jackson as a 3 month old who let me cuddle him all day long, wonderful parents/grandparents, favorite college roommate who always say the right thing, my sister who I didn't talk to a lot anyway but loved having her close, and most of all, Dustin.
I love all of the green around me, the beautiful hills and mountains, the beach, beach beach! That Jackson is becoming so independent and a wonderful little man, that Dustin is working so hard and still lets me know he loves me, a church that means instant, wonderful friends and opportunities to serve, a pool membership, seeing baptisms in the ocean, pool day on Thursday at the faculty pool, learning how to cook new dishes and not eating out, the smoothie place that makes a great Guava smoothie, becoming much better at housework, Jackson's nap times and play times, moms who go out of their way for us and that we have the opportunity of a lifetime!!!