Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Red Hair

So I have been severely out of commision these past two months as we as a family have been taking care of my dad and recently threw him his 50th b-day party...which was absolutely wonderful. However, I must continue in the journal of my life since it seems to continue no matter what.
The first little note is that I have dyed my hair red. I love it and think it looks fabulous, but if you know me then you know this could change in a matter of years, months or minutes.
The second thing that has gone on recently is that Dustin and I have done artificial insemination. I only mentioned briefly in my "about me" section about our struggle to start a family but I thought since this is more that just a blog but my journal (and prettty much the only journal I am good at keeping up with) i should keep it honest and updated. Its funny, a couple of years ago I would never have thought to talk about "baby making" issues so openly. However, after talking about everything with numerous doctors, keeping my immediate family always up to date and being asked a lot of questions, the shyness has been replaced with the blunt facts...and dont ask me how I feel about it all unless you really want to hear, because I will tell you. : )

I guess that is all for now, I won't know if the procedure "took" for a couple of weeks but we are use all the positive energy we have.