Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wonderful weekend in Paradise!

As promised, I am actually blogging! I feel that this wonderful past weekend deserved more that a two line status report.
So this last Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary with my wonderful hubby and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for him. I have always wanted to be an adventurous person but too afraid to get out of my comfort zone. And now, because of him and his hard work and determination, I am living in Grenada and then jetting off to England for a year. He has been from the day I met him and will always be my best friend because he makes me laugh, cry, and want to be a better person everyday. He has a love for service that I am always trying to learn from and a love for the gospel that has helped my own testimony to blossom. He is an amazing father to Jackson and I love watching him as he takes care of our little man with so much care. And he is a wonderful husband to me as he is always serving me, teaching me and loving me.
A quick fun snapshot of our marriage today would show us laughing our heads of at The Office, analyzing the dresses on Project Runway, playing with Jackson on Saturdays at the Beach, one of us always begging the other to get them a glass of water (because it is such a looong walk from one end of our apartment to the other :), me reading a book and then giving Dustin the summary because I want to be able to discuss it, Dustin walking around the apartment reciting Biochemistry information out loud while I try to read, me sending Dustin to the store for 3 things and him coming back with 1 of them plus chips and pop tarts, 1 AM play times with Jackson when we accidentally wake him up on our way to bed, and snuggling on our mini sofa (quite a funny picture)on Friday nights to watch a movie on our computer that has no speakers so we have to turn off the fan and sit really close and barely breath to hear the movie.
So to the weekend: Friday night for our anniversary we went to this wonderful restaurant here called the Beach House. We knew it would be expensive so we waited for this occasion to try it out and it was definitely worth the wait. We were given free Pina Coladas and a free dessert with our names written on the plate. The food was delicious and it wasn't until we left the restaurant that we realized that it had been the first night out without Jackson in a long time. We knew it was relaxing, we just couldn't put our finger on it until we left. The first meal out in a while where one of us wasn't holding Jackson and bouncing him on the side while the other ate. We then went home and watched Star Trek, Jackson having already been put to sleep by our wonderful babysitters Maria and Matt.
And if Friday weren't enough, Saturday we went on a Sunset Cruise with a bunch of our favorite people. It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect and I think the pictures will do justice to the amazing time we had.