Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Emylee's Baby Shower

My sister Emylee is having her first boy this June so we had her baby shower a few weeks ago. it was a lot of fun. Most of my mom's family was there and I love seeing cousins. We played this great game called Tinkle in a Jar? It was hilarious watching everyone carry quarters between their knees and then dropping them into jars. One team ran out of quarters and used a grape. I am attaching a video because you don't get the full effect without the sound...oh yeah, they had to have pillows in their shirts also.
The beautifully pregnant Emylee (with her arm that looks like a chicken leg :) tasty!

Emy with some of her BYU buddies.

The girls before they did the tinkle game.

Chelsea, Bonnie, Danielle and Holly before they sucked down apple juice for a prize...Chelsea won.

The wonderful sister-in-law who made the whole party possible. She is the ultimate party planner. This pose was one of her many interesting poses she can do on the spot.

We are the Vanna Whites to Emylee's belly

I don't really remember what we were doing here.


The girls: Jamie, Emylee, Lyndzee and Kathy.

Our new love...most of the time!

We recently adopted the cutest little Jack Russel puppy. We love her to death but we had no idea what we were getting into. she is so full of energy and even though we take her running twice a day, she doesn't slow down. She also used to be a lot cuddlier, but now she wants to play all of the time and she likes to bite our hands when we play. We are taking her in to get trained but we are really not doing very well trying to be the alpha dogs. Anyway, thought you would enjoy some pics.