Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Toys!

So my mom, despite how old we all proclaim to be, or how much we say we only need certain usefull items for Christmas, knows the kids inside us all and got Dustin and I a playstation for Christmas. Now, we aren't really video game people. Dustin has never been that guy who brushed me off to play a game or who found himself staring at a game screen straight for an entire weekend (there are these guys out there). But now we are officially addicted! We also got a game called Rockband with our playstation and we love it. Not only does it have a guitar and drums you can play with it, but there is also a mic so there are vocals. I love to sing, anywhere, anytime. I am not saying I am great or good at it but singing is my favorite thing to do. So in our band I am "Red Hot" the lead vocalist and I get to sing to my hearts content while Dustin is perfectly content learning to strum this toy guitar. If anyone is in AZ anytime soon, come stop by and you can join our band for the time being, we need someone for drums!!!!