Friday, June 8, 2007

Is it being prideful if you are proud of someone else?

As hard of a time as I give my husband, and I do give him a hard time most of the time, he is always amazing me and impressing me. First of all I am going to brag (without his consent) that he recieved straight A's his last semester. This having been done while working part time, doing bee research, trying to magnify his calling and taking on a school load of 20 credits. For some of you go getters out there this may all seem run of the mill, however, when Dustin and I got married balancing school and marriage was a difficult thing to balance...and this semester he found his groove. Also in the "my husband is the greatest" department, Dustin had been taking the bus to school recently when he decided he wanted to bring his bike on the bus so he could get across campus more easily. However, one morning he missed the bus and decided to ride all the way to campus! I am not sure how far it is but it is a good hours bike ride away. He has done this two other times since and plans to make it a routine. This is not something I would ever have done and I love him for doing it. To sum up, I think I have the most motivated, smartest, cutest, sweetest and "does the most gosh-darn things" husband ever.

I know i am not alone in these feelings so feel free to share your adoration of your loved ones!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Movie of the Week!

We rented this from Netflix...and can I say how much I love Netflix, it allows you to see movies you would never have otherwise come across or chosen...anywho, Gandhi was fabulous. I don't know about you but I have always viewed Gandhi as a "more than human" character. Not to say that he was god like or anything but more of a superhero or too good to be true. This film brought him to life for me, it brought his principles to life for me and made his words more that just clever or insightful sayings, but words to live by, words to act by. And Gandhi's teachings are very relevant for our times today. The way he way he was able to get an entire country behind him to reinforce peaceful resistance is amazing. For a time Gandhi was able to get the Hindus and the Muslims to work together to accomplish their goal in unity, how wonderful would it be today to have the Democrats and Republicans and Indepedents come together, to inspire the nation to come together to have one goal. I doubt a fast on any one of our leaders parts today would cause the country to change. This movie, as simple of a medium as it may seem to inspire, made me realize that I want more from our leaders than I am seeing in this up and coming election. I want someone I can get behind. I am tired of saying that there are 2 or 3 that I would be OK with becoming our president. I want someone who inspires me to put a bumper sticker on my car (although I personally hate bumper stickers), who inspires me to debate on thier behalf, who makes me cry if they lose.
I know I have taken this movie review a little far, but does anyone else feel this way?