Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Year of the Greatest Days Ever!

I can't believe it but it will be a year tomorrow since we brought our beautiful little boy home from the hospital and it is amazing how quickly the feelings come flooding back from that wonderful time in our lives. In fact, I still tear up when I listen to Kenneth Cope, not because I like his music necessarily, but because it was the soundtrack to our lives the days before and after we met Jackson. I remember the rush of emotion I felt when I saw Jackson being born and his cheesy, gorgeous smile still overwhelms me with what a precious little gift we were given.
But Jackson coming into our lives was just the beginning of the greatest days ever. As I mentioned, we brought Jackson home three days later and I remember getting pooped and peed on with the first diaper I changed at home. And while I remember being very tired, i loved how much I was able to snuggle with him late into the night, often sleeping with him in my arms in the rocker or in bed. We did a lot of singing, shhhhing and cooing, rocking, bouncing and swinging and lots and lots of loving. I especially remember that the first 6 weeks of having him home I was filled with joy. Motherhood seemed to me the most amazing of occupations and it was everything and more than I had hoped.
This isn't to say that it in any way went down hill from there though. Reality did set in more but the days of wonder didn't cease. We saw Jackson smile, roll over, sit up, go to his first baseball game, go in the pool for the first time, his first plane ride, his playtimes with his 2 cousins and countless other firsts.
And then of course came the day when he was officially made ours. It was rushed and frustrating at times. We were nervous and stressed because of the time line and other events. But yet another miracle happened in our lives when we received the call that we would be able to get the adoption finalized within a week. Our lawyer said he had never heard of the system working so quickly and we were also at the mercy of a kind judge who fit us into his busy schedule. We probably could have brought all of our family with us that day, but without thinking we went alone and had a great experience where our years of waiting were brought to an end with a 5 minute court appearance and the well wishes of a judge.
And then only days passed before we had a whirlwind weekend of having Jackson sealed to us and then having Dustin bless him. I have mentioned it before but it doesn't hurt to repeat: the day of Jackson's sealing was the most spiritual day of my life! i have never felt the Spirit so strong as I did in the temple that day and the fact that I was able to relive my wedding day only made it all the more sweet. In fact, being able to have the promises of posterity fulfilled was something for which we had been waiting for almost 5 years.
And now, 5 months later, after an adventure in Grenada and with many adventures ahead of us, the year has come to an end with the celebration of Jackson's first birthday the last of the greatest days ever of the year. And here are some of the pictures of our beautiful little boy from a beautiful day filled with beautiful memories.

Some of the sweet treats for the party... we had a cupcake decorating party the night before with family and I am especially proud of the monkey cake where I learned to fill in the frosting with little stars. Grandma J is to be credited with the smaller monkey cake.

Birthday Boy in the inflatable bounce house before and after the cake carnage.

Decorations and Party guests

The cake encounter


and us...