Monday, December 10, 2007

Keepin'On, keepin' on!

Well hello there, that is if anyone checks my blog any more since I haven't written in forever. Well I guess I should start with the fact that the artificail insemination didn't work out. It was not fun to find out at the time but we are moving on and staying positive. Add to that I have a sister and sister in law who are found out they are pregnant and we had quite the roller coaster month recently (feeling greast excitement to be an aunt being one of the "ups" of the roller coaster ride). We are still trying but we have had a few more bumps in the road with cycts that have both popped (very painful) and those that are just hangin out and stoping us from currently trying anything else. i have heard about every sort of comforting phase, especially that it is just not our time, but that doesn't really make the journey easier. However, I am determined to enjoy the journey, the good and bad. I keep reminding myself how valuable this time is with Dustin, that I have the ability to work and support him right now, that I have abundant time to think up a billion and one baby names, that I don't have long nights yet or any dirty diapers. I am determined to be a favorite aunt and in the mean time I can feel sorry for my sister's morning sickness instead of my own. We are counting our blessing everyday.
On the Dustin front, we are currently preparing to apply for Teach for America and to have Dustin graduate with his bachelor's in May. He still wants to be a doctor but this year didn't work out and we both think taking some time off of school mught be a good thing. Teach for America is an oportunity for Dustin to teach in inner city schools any where in the US for 2 years. They have a rigorous training the summer before you start and they are a very competitive program. We don't know if we will get in and if not we are fine with staying in town and reapplying to med school this summer. This has been a very difficult semester for Dustin, he has taken his most difficult science classes and right now is just crossing his fingers to pass. However, I know how hard he has worked and how brilliant he is. I know that he will become a doctor even if we take the longer route (the longer way seems to be our niche) and I am loving the adventures, the waiting and the fact that we have had to rely on our Heavenly Father's wisdom more than ever this year.
I will try to stay up on this more. We get to go away to Durango after Christmas so I should have some pics.

Happy Holidays!