Monday, September 26, 2011

I Love These Women

Activities have been poorly attended in the past, but this Saturday was phenomenal. We had an amazing turnout for the Relief Society broadcast and the spirits and love of all of the women there were felt throughout the evening. We had a dinner before hand, and while there were a ton of dishes, they were pretty much all devoured before the broadcast, women even fighting over cheesy potatoes and cornbread.

I love these women, the way they made me laugh as they hid chocolate cake to take home. I love these women, the way they brighten the room with their laughter. I love these women, and their willingness to serve each other and others. I love these women, and the way they make me want to be a better woman too.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Greer. Thanks Michelle!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Forever Family

There are so many things that I have missed blogging about, and the more I miss the more overwhelming it gets and the more I's a vicious cycle. But I am not going to let all of that keep me from recording some of my more precious moments. And tonight I wanted to give you a glimpse into my forever family.

I taught the lesson in Nursery on Sunday (Sunday School/day care for 18 months to 3 year olds) and the lesson was on temples and forever families. I held up a picture of a temple and we talked about our different families and how we can be together forever. Of course none of them were listening, my child especially, and I can't quite say there was a strong spirit in the room, but the lesson made me love my forever family even more.

Tonight is Family Home Evening, and for those who don't know what that is, it is every Monday night where we spend time together as a family learning spiritual things as well as playing together as a family. Now it would be a lie to say we actually do this every Monday night, or that when we do it is anything more than a song and playing cars with Jackson, but we try. And we are rewarded with these efforts with a night like tonight.

Dustin is home tonight! He took a test today and has the evening free, so him being home for more than just a quick dinner and bath duty is wonderful. We ate dinner, watched the Curious George movie, which Jackson has declared as his favorite, and Dustin and Jackson played cars. Then we laid on our bed with only a desk light on while we sang songs and Jackson happily jumped back and forth between us giving us hugs. We even taught him to sing the "try, try, try" part of the song, "Jesus Once Was a Little Child", so look for a coming performance. Dustin taught about Lehi, the Liahona, and building the boat. We sang the boat song, or better known as "Nephi's Courage", and then Jackson said the prayer. Just a side note: It is amazing how well Jackson prays with us now when just a month ago he didn't even want us to pray. Now, during any type of family prayer, he has to say the prayer and he says his Amens with all the reverence in the world. I love this. Anyway. We finished the prayer and that is when we heard the thunder. And I don't just mean heard, I mean felt it in our bones. I love thunder but this scared me to death! Jackson, however, only smiled and started to bounce. We spent the rest of the night going room to room and turning off the lights so we could watch the lightning show, finally ending in Jackson's room with him wedged between Mom and Dad and falling asleep. I love my little man more than anything. And Dustin isn't too bad either. I want to have these nights every night but I know Dustin's crazy schedule makes them all the more valuable. I love my forever family and I hope you enjoy your forever family too. G'night!